Welcome note

Hello everyone! Welcome to the world of EverBloom made up of dreams, a Love for creation and a desire to make things of joy for the feminine. Everbloom finds The perfect balance between ancient techniques of creating designing apparel and the contemporary methods of dressing to create garments that scintillate.

The everbloom space is a shared story shared off the one who makes and the one who takes, a slice of energetic wearable art.

About Us
About Us

Brand Story

Everbloom, as the name suggests, our products empower our users to feel fresh, and bloom like a flower, all around the year, in all situations. 

Everbloom is a balance between heritage and modernity, that aims to preserve Indian heritage, craftsmen, artisans, Indian textiles and combine it with modern textiles with the proper use of highly advanced technologies.

The minimal yet impactful logo is our interpretation of the flower ‘EverBloom’ that blooms throughout the year and in our case. The flower 'Ixora’ is the perfect fit because of its simplicity and beauty.

Our process

We are an ethical ecosystem of good wages, local artisan employment and carbon footprint conscious sourcing of our materials. Our process is transparent, with everyone involved in the chain of making every outfit the most important link.

Our method is aligned with teamwork, growth and creating things that keep blooming for ever.

Our product

The EverBloom merchandise is a concoction of pretty, comfort, sophistication and unique. It is made up of fabrics that feel like second skin and let you move in freedom. With in house designed bespoke modern inspired traditional wear, there is something for every woman out there. Such is our creation that they grace your wardrobes for years and seasons! Classic in style, forever in fashion. 

About Us
About Us

Our community 

Everbloom is all about dressing up and seizing the day. Of being and feeling confident in how and what you wear. 

Our patrons are also the same! The ones who live their lives without fear and believe in getting up, dressing up and showing up! 

Our customer is the one that is humble, kind and believes in being vocal for local! After all taking from the immediate artisan communities the best way to give them back too! And we are building a community of like minded people that are all about giving a chance to this native ecosystem of artisans, designers, tailors and more. 

Our philosophy 

We see a future that is rooted in heritage and yet global to the core. Everyday we are creating what touches hearts and finds a place in the stories of our takers. 

With our art to make beautiful wearable things, we are giving back to the world by providing a kind, nurtured space to our artisans for creating, making and sharing. 

Everbloom’s purpose is to let the feminine express freely and to their true nature, scintillating and carefree. 

About Us